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1 wire power transmission – how far will it go?

The Tesla pancake BAC coil is made from 24 turns of coax cord. It is wired similar to a Joule Thief, however without any LED in the circuit.
Transistor is a 2N3055
2.2 K resistor to the Base

Business item evaluates approved.
Specifically solar energy relevant devices, such as power plant, panels, LFP batteries.
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As a factor of dirt problems recommendation, there have actually been some hefty rainfalls lately. The last 3 days before the experiments nevertheless were 90F+ with complete sunlight. The dirt is a simple 1ft deep at the majority of, with sandstone bedrock beneath.

In this video clip, I try a far more enthusiastic objective than the 80ft/25m at our old residence in Oklahoma. Exactly how much can a 3.5 V battery powered system send out power over one cable?