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Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Best Budget Multimeter!

$ 37 workshop apron:
Dewalt Safety Goggles:
Adam’s Everyday Carry in his apron:
Papermate Sharpwriter # 2:
Pica Pen:
Whiteout Pen:
Little Machinist Square:
Flush Cutters:
Dial Calipers:
Giaco Maker Knife:
30-degree Multi-Blade Cartridge Knife:
Sturdy Multi-Blade Cartridge Knife:
Multi-Blade Cartridge Snap Knife:
Added blade loads:

$44 Fluke 101 Multimeter:
Fluke 77 Multimeter:

A necessary device for a contemporary propmaker is a multimeter for any kind of sort of electronic devices function, whether for screening illumination circuits or fixing circuitry job. And also while Adam has actually relied upon his reliable Fluke 77 multimeter for many years, obtaining an electronic devices multimeter to begin your toolkit can be economical also. That’s why he’s a follower of Fluke’s portable entry-level multimeter, which sets you back much less than $45 and also does the job!

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Examined Ts, sticker labels, cups and also extra:

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