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Fulaim X5 Wireless Microphone Lavalier Review – BEST under $130?

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The Fulaim X5 wireless lavalier microphone system is made for video creators for vlogging and interviews. They’re also built for creators who record outdoors with cameras and/or phones. And there’s a whole heap of features to tell you about and test in my review, where I’ll cover those features, pros, cons, and my conclusion about how well this promising wireless lavalier microphone system for both iPhone and android performs from Fulaim. So let’s get into it.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 What’s in the box?
1:13 Wireless lavalier microphone transmitters and receiver
2:17 4GB internal memory on each transmitter
3:05 Safety track recording
3:44 Excellent windmuffs
4:06 Battery life
4:18 Magnetic attachment
4:58 Real-time monitoring
5:21 Transmitter range
5:47 UV Sterilising case
6:24 Works well with iOS
7:24 One-touch NR function
7:43 Audio test – iPhone mic
8:00 Audio test – wired Rode Videomic
8:19 Audio test – Fulaim X5 with lightning adaptor
8:44 Audio test – Fulaim X5 NR test
9:23 Verdict