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Lipo Alarm 1 to 8’S battery Low Voltage Buzzer, LED, Programmable (REVIEW-DEMONSTRATION)

, if one or even more of the cells is listed below your pre-set reduced limitation the alarm system will certainly seem.

Checks all Lipos (and also Li-ion, life as well as limn packs) utilizing their JST or comparable equilibrium leads. Plug in and also the display screen instantly cycles with the private cell voltages and afterwards offers an overall voltage for the pack.

I currently have actually these fitted in my huge RC Helicopters (6 cell Lipos). You can establish your reduced voltage alarm system, state 3.7 v per cell for instance and also after that fly till the buzzer appears).


The device is tiny sufficient to consist of within the body of the majority of versions – 35x25x10mm. The technological specifications of the device are listed below:

1-8s Lipl/Li-ion/LiMn/ Li-Fe.
Cell voltage show array: 0.5V-4.5 V.
Total voltage display screen array: 0.5V-36V.
One examination setting voltage variety: 3.7v-30v.
Reduced voltage alarm system setting for 2-8S.
Alarm system collection worth array: OFF-2.7 V-3.8 V.

I consist of different guidelines on reduced voltage caution establishing treatment