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Live Studio B Update and Review of my 12 Year Studio Journey.

I have been working in Studio B (my Garage) mainly learning the Studio Live Board…

Studio B Update: I have a low voltage walkthrough this Thursday and an Electrician stopping by to give me a balpark on costs sometime this week. I have been working on my plans. We share more in the Live SHow tonight. I also want to talk about the new Osbot Tiny 2 AI Cameras • announced at IBC 2023 with HDMI outputs… This is a compelling Camera announced this fall. May be perfect for Studio B:

Also I have the Studio Live 32SC set up with my ATEM MINI PRO as well as one of my Insta 360 Link Cameras including my Facecam by Elgato. I have my son’s older computer to use until I decide what I will do in studio A and B once the Studio B is built. If all goes well I will be able to broadcast some live in Studio B tonight.

This is the old version the new HDMI will be oity soon:

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