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Low Voltage Disconnect LVD Module 24V 12V 30A 20A Battery Protection – Review

This Low Voltage Disconnect lvd module Prevent battery from over-discharge and prolong battery service lifetime

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Purpose: Prevent premature damage caused by excessive battery discharge

Features: The circuit has low self-consumption, low line loss, accurate voltage detection, safe and reliable control, and long-lasting durability.

Protection: Low voltage automatic protection, automatic restart, reverse connect protection, power indicator, ultra-low power consumption, accurate detection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection

Features of low voltage disconnect:
1, high-quality shell material, mini size

High-quality ABS Housing, high-pressure resistance, mini size, suitable for battery system external control and battery system built-in control (module)

2. Intelligent control, multiple protection, automatic Resume Function

Use chip control: accurate voltage detection, reliable control, short circuit overload and over temperature protection, avoid performance damage and extend the life of the protector. After over-temperature and over-discharge protection, it can automatically resume and reduce manual operation.

3. Product design details

Single 25A current terminal. multiple switching tubes in parallel in control board, Handle Large current with a small loss

1. The control mode of this lvd module: control the connection of the negative pole between the battery and the load

2. The module has high-voltage sensitive components, so try to avoid direct contact with the metal terminals when wiring. When wiring, please use with qualified wire and tighten it. Please fix the controller to avoid vibration.

3. When using the protector with the system, please contact customer service if you have any uncertainty parameters.

4. When testing, please use the adjustable ripple power supply with small current ripple, and test with a good method, and make sure the test voltage is idling. The voltage setting in the default parameter table can be used normally

5. The battery capacity is unlimited, it must be charged with the right battery charger and must have an anti-reverse charging function.