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Veto Tech Pac review and loadout for IT / Low Voltage.

Hand devices revealed:
2:12 Makita Sub Compact Impact:
2:21 Milwaukee m18 Surge:
4:59 Fiskar Sissors:
5:36 Milwaukee ratcheting screwdriver:
6:10 Milwaukee con artist pen:
6:21 Sharpdraw retracting pencil:
7:30 Magnetizer:
7:33 Palm wrench:
7:43 Stubby hammer:
8:15 Greenlee cord grabber:
8:35 Knipex securing pliers:
9:00 Knipex electricians pliers:
9:19 Orbis tilted pliers:
9:39 Skill laser degree: Lowe’s approx $19.
10:00 Insulated screwdriver collection: aoCK8.
10:14 Autoloader accuracy screwdriver: No web link, discovered in numerous shops.
10:26 Rack-a-tiers stud finder:
11:16 Dewalt right angle adapter:
11:30 Bosch laser measuring tape:
11:53 Kobalt allen wrench collections: Found at Lowe’s.
12:00 Rack-a-tiers shade nut-driver little bits:

Testers side of knapsack.
13:00 2-way Motorola radio: finest cost discovered on, refurbs are excellent.
13:14 Fluke multimeter:
13:49 Fluke Volt sharp pen:
13:57 Ideal circuit analyzer:
15:03 Klein USB tester:
15:20 Microtest microscanner: (Fluke acquired business).
16:07 Fluke electronic tone & probe package:
18:04 Netscout Linksprinter 300:

Veto Technology Political action committee’s are outstanding bags. This is an evaluation of the Technology Special-interest group as well as exactly how I have my own packed.

Knapsack device bag: