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ZUCKEO 5W RGB Remote Control Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

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Must purchase a weatherproof housing for the transformer and its cable – THEN install – so gorgeous!

We used this product for lighting in our back garden. It really is gorgeous. However, this is a DIY kit without the weatherproof housing for the outdoor lighting that it, itself, IS waterproof. I am not going to lie — it took extra money and time to make this beautiful set able to do its proper job in our garden. I have not seen a color-changing set here in the stores and this one caught my eye so I purchased it- yes, I knew I was in for purchasing the cable as cable/wiring is not included within this set. But, since “waterproof” also caught my eye….. here we are at the store buying the right things to make the transformer weatherproof – a weatherproof box, some tubing, and special waterproof caulking, so everything remains dry. (You could also go purchase a weatherproof transformer separately, and put the lights on a timer.) Pick a place next to an outlet, and make sure you have a waterproof cover for that outlet, which we had to purchase as well. If you are mounting it on a cement wall, as you can see in my photos, you may need a drill bit that will drill through cement. Your waterproof box will need to have an in and and out hole for the cabling. I am lucky my husband is also a licensed electrician so I have an “in”… LOL.

What you get in this package:
6 Lights
20 white connectors
1 transformer w/ switch
4 remotes (2 per type 3m and 5m distance)

Install the weatherproof box or have your entire transformer indoors. Make sure you purchase plenty of cable/wiring – We purchased 14/2 low-voltage cable. Overestimate what you need since you may have extra spots of wire to get around bushes or trees, etc. We purchased about 100 feet though we estimated closer to 75 and needed to buy more. Better to be safe than sorry. Connect your cable up to the transformer, split as necessary, then use two connectors. Pull the cable up to a light, split it and use two connectors per light. You have extra in case they are not gripping properly. You’ve gotta strip the wires accordingly (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch). These lights can buried in the ground or be propped up some.

The remotes — Once the switch turns on (I left my switch as ON so I old lock up my weatherproof box and control with the remotes) the lights turn on to flashing mode where they change colors and are in sync with each other. To change color, realize the lights are not like the Borg, they are not one brain – so you MUST point the remote at the individual lights in order to change THAT SINGLE LIGHT. In one way, that’s great! Then you could have one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, and one purple. But if you want them to flash in sync the ONLY way to have that happen is to turn the switch on at the transformer. Hopefully it is all about the overall effect and you don’t mind taking a few steps, if it is just that, from light to light. If you want to turn them all off at once, you’ve gotta open that weatherproof box and flip the switch to off or walk around to each light to turn off. If they are at a decent angle for aiming the remote, you may be lucky. (My lights are behind a wall, so I am not so lucky LOL.)

My installed (thanks to my smart and helpful husband) color-changing garden lights are sooooo beautiful!!! I love them!!! I wish this LED Low Voltage landscape color-changing package came in an all-in-one kit so we would not have had to buy the extras and that would have made it easier and I definitely would have paid more for it being a weatherproof kit, but that’s ok, we still made it work, and it really Dow look so pretty and fantastic. I recommend these lights as I have not seen them anywhere else, but be prepared to purchase the extras to make YOUR garden lights special. Totally beautiful.

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